My mentor has always reminded me that happiness is a choice and is crucial for our well being. And sometimes we have to choose it.

When bad things happen to us, it is so easy get stuck in what feels like an endless loop of despair. But we have the power to reframe things.

Happiness comes easier to some people and others must choose to be happy at certain points in our lives in order to turn the tide around or just to carry on.

When I realized I had control over how I felt — even while mourning a profound loss such as the death of my mom and the sudden end to a relationship — I took time to regain my focus and control, and as a result, my overall outlook improved.

Unfortunately, time doesn’t stop just because we are going through a personal crisis as much as we wish it would.

We all still must get up and put on our game faces and go to work, and take care of our families, and just keep going no matter how hard it is.

After my mom died and the sudden ending of a relationship, I tried so hard to keep it together, but I’m human, and I just couldn’t all the time.

Remember, it’s okay to not be okay sometimes.

Those who care about you and value you will give you the benefit of the doubt if it is out of character for you.

These are the select times in your career when you want to be honest about what is happening in your personal life (without getting airing too much of your personal business).

I found purpose and little bits of joy in my every day, and I realized I was the same person before these hardships and I would use them to become a stronger version of me. In short, I took the control and power back.

So the next time you’re going through a rough time, try choosing to be happy.

Of course there are times when you experience happiness without any work. Be thankful for those moments of pure joy. They won’t come easy.

Do more of what you love with the poeple you love. Smile more. Be kind to those around you.

Work out as much as you can because you will feel better physically and mentally.

Seek out those in your life who bring you joy – like here with my puppies.

Life is unpredictable and finding ways to create a happy and meaningful life for yourself both inside and outside the office is key.

There really is a silver lining in everything.

What are you doing to create more happiness in your life?

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