It’s so important to give yourself grace today and over the next few days as we come back from the holidays and face the reality of all we have to do.

Some of us had omicron (like me), which threw a wrench into our plans to accomplish tons of work and see family – and we just have to be okay with that.

Everyone is in the same boat.

Everyone is catching up on work and checking their overflowing emails.

Everyone is feeling a bit blah. It’s partly the post-holiday blues and partly the realization that Covid is not over yet again.

They aren’t as focused on you as you think.

Don’t worry, your work will be waiting for you. I promise!

So do the most important things first.

Put in 100% on those projects and then get some other things off your plate that are weighing on you. The good you give to your work is very often good enough.

But most of all, just be kind to yourself. That’s how you start off the new year on the right foot.