Here are three easy ways you can become more visible on LinkedIn and build your network at the same time.

Leaving a meaningful comment on others’ posts is one of the easiest ways to start getting more comfortable with sharing content and being more visible on LinkedIn.

It also expands your LinkedIn network exponentially because when you comment on someone else’s post, others who are not in your network can see that comment.

And likewise, the same thing happens when you post an update and someone who is not connected to you sees it.

So your connections work like this, the people to whom you’re connected are your first-degree connections. The people who are connected to your first-degree connections are your second-degree connections. And then the people who are connected to those second-degree connections are your third-degree connections.

When you comment on a post or create a post yourself, the likelihood that people outside your network (those second- and third-degree connections) will see your post increases and so does the opportunity for building your network and subject-matter authority, as well as other potential opportunities.

If you see people liking or commenting on your posts, why not connect with them? This is an easy and strategic way to expand your network.

Another thing you can do is when you post content or a webinar, also post it in LinkedIn groups.

To find the right groups, look at the groups to which your peers and competitors belong and then join them. You can also find relevant groups in the main search bar on LinkedIn.

Because there is so much promotional content in LinkedIn groups, posts like these stand out.

I always increase my webinar attendee list as a result of this tactic. In addition, most people aren’t using LinkedIn groups so you should!

Let’s recap the tips in this post:

  1. Connect with people who like your content
  2. Strategically comment on posts
  3. Post thought leadership content and upcoming webinars in LinkedIn groups

Do you have any tips to add?

Here’s a video with more on how to do this.

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