Most companies and law firms are posting the wrong content on their LinkedIn company pages and that’s why their engagement is so poor.

This is for a number of reasons. One of them is that their content is dry and boring.

Another is the content does not appeal to clients and other interested audiences such as recruits. It’s all about the firm (boasting about their successes) and it doesn’t offer any real value to their audience.

Remember, your audience consists of your current employees, former employees, clients, prospective clients, law, students, the media and so many more.

A third reason is because the firm has not promoted the content internally or provided training to its employees on how to properly share it, so that the firm can tap into the employees’ valuable LinkedIn networks.

The content that does the best is the content that is not self congratulatory or where you celebrate your successes.

It’s the content where you focus on the good things that you’re doing for the community at large as well as shining a spotlight on your employees.

It’s also thought leadership content.

So think about your pro bono victories, CSR work, community service activities, your sponsorships, recruiting events and DEI initiatives.

Many of you are doing these things but you don’t effectively promote them.

Also, promote your sponsorships and charitable contributions on your web site and social media channels.

So many law firms and corporations spend thousands of dollars each year supporting different organizations, but they aren’t maximizing them.

You usually have to create an ad as part of your sponsorship, so why not turn that ad into a graphic for social media as well.

You can tag the organization and express your support for them, and if there is somebody being honored, you can also recognize them.

Extra points if you tag the company and the person being honored in your post.

Also, make sure that the attendees of the event from your organization take a group photo together because that would be a second social media post!

So many companies are doing good things for the world and their communities but they don’t tell anybody. And these are the kind of posts that actually do really well on social media. They show that you’re a good corporate citizen, and they break up your firm-centric content.

Your clients care much more about you being a good corporate citizen then how many Super Lawyers you had this year or your Chambers rankings.

What separates the good LinkedIn company pages from the great ones is in how you craft your posts. Be humble and always provide value.

Look at the things you’ve done over the past quarter and the things coming up in CSR and pro bono and think about how you can leverage those externally on your website and social media.

Weave those into your social media calendar and watch your engagement rise!

This has been one of the major keys for success that I’ve used in building my clients’ brands on social media.

Are you ready to take your LinkedIn company page from good to great? Reach out to me for help!

Here is a video with more on how you can create stronger LinkedIn company pages.