When it comes to content creation, it pays to work smarter, not harder. Instead of constantly coming up with new ideas and writing new posts from scratch, spend time looking through what you already have and repurpose your top-performing blog posts, videos, articles, podcasts and more.

Why should you repurpose your content? Well, it’s just smarter marketing – it enables you to be more strategic about the content you already have. In addition, repurposing content reinforces your brand’s messaging, gives your content an SEO boost and helps you reach people who missed your content on the first round of promotion.

Showcase Your Top Content: Using research from email campaigns, website traffic and social media, compile your top 5 or 10 client alerts, blog posts and/or videos of the month/quarter/year so far into a social media campaign.

Choose a Format: Decide on the format for your social media post. Consider options like a top 10 list, a series of images, a carousel post or a video compilation. Use compelling visuals to make the content stand out.

Create Engaging Captions: Write compelling captions for each post in the compilation. Summarize the key points or takeaways from each post to encourage readers to click through and read the full articles. Provide direct links to each post in your captions or in the comments section of your social media post.

Decide on Frequency: You can do this type of post every month, every quarter, halfway through the year and annually. It’s a great way to easily get more visibility for your content while reinforcing your expertise in these core areas of focus.

Package the Content: If you have multiple blogs or podcasts, or a lot of alerts, segment the content by practice or industry and create multiple posts. This gives you more content to post. Include links to each featured piece. Make sure to post this on your website and on social media, as well as send it out as an email blast.

Distribute the Content: Turn this into a regular content series – it will help fill in your content calendar on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Make sure to leverage the resulting posts on your website and on social media, and send it out as an email blast to a segmented (and updated) contact list. All of these methods increase your visibility and top of mind awareness, which is key in a crowded market.

What do you think of these ideas? Reach out to me for help with creating a social media strategy.