Today, a company’s online presence is paramount. One of the most effective ways to enhance this presence on platforms like LinkedIn is through employee engagement. When employees actively share content from their company’s LinkedIn page, it amplifies the brand’s reach and strengthens its credibility. But what makes this action so crucial for businesses? Let’s delve into the reasons why employees sharing company content on LinkedIn can give organizations a significant advantage in their corporate visibility, business development efforts.

Why is it so important for employees to share company content on LinkedIn?

Sharing company content on LinkedIn by employees is important for several reasons.

  1. It amplifies the company’s reach significantly, tapping into each employee’s unique network and thereby creating a more extensive network of potential viewers. This organic reach often lends more credibility than corporate broadcasts because content shared by individuals is perceived as more genuine and less like a marketing pitch.
  2. When employees share company content, it showcases their pride and commitment to their organization, enhancing both their personal brand and the company’s reputation. Such activities also foster a sense of community and collective purpose within the team.
  3. With LinkedIn’s algorithm favoring content that garners early engagement, posts shared by multiple employees can help boost the company’s visibility on the platform, leading to increased brand awareness, potential leads and business opportunities.

Here’s a strategy to encourage employee engagement and increase the reach of your LinkedIn content

1. Educate Your Team

  • Why it Matters: Organize a brief workshop or webinar with an outside consultant to explain the benefits of sharing company content on LinkedIn. Illustrate how their engagement can elevate the company’s brand and, by extension, reinforce their own personal brand.
  • LinkedIn Best Practices: Share tips on how to share, comment and like posts effectively to increase visibility without spamming their connections.

2. Make It Easy

  • Content Digest: Send a weekly or bi-weekly email digest highlighting the company posts you want employees to share, making it easy for them to share directly from there.
  • Pre-Crafted Messages: Offer suggested captions or comments employees can use when sharing, making the process even more effortless for them.

3. Incentivize Sharing

  • Internal Contests: Create a monthly leaderboard and reward the top sharers with prizes or recognition.
  • Highlight Top Sharers: Use internal communication channels, like newsletters or team meetings, to recognize and appreciate employees who actively share and engage with company content.

4. Engage Leadership: Having top executives and leadership share, like and comment on posts can serve as a motivational factor for the broader team to do the same. Their engagement demonstrates that LinkedIn activity is valued at the highest company levels.

5. Feedback Loop: Ask employees for feedback on the content. If they’re more involved in the content creation process or see topics they’re passionate about being discussed, they’re more likely to share.

6. Post Diverse Content: Ensure that the content you’re posting resonates with various departments. While marketing might be excited about a new campaign, engineering might appreciate posts about tech advancements or team achievements.

7. Activate Employee Advocacy Programs: Consider using platforms which are designed to help companies boost their reach by making it easier for employees to share company content.

8. Evaluate & Adjust: Continuously track the engagement and reach of posts. If certain types of content are consistently performing well, consider producing more of that type.

9. Celebrate Successes: When an employee’s share results in a significant win, such as a new business lead or widespread visibility, celebrate it. It demonstrates the real-world impact of LinkedIn engagement.

10. Stay Consistent: Building a culture of sharing and engagement doesn’t happen overnight. Be consistent in your efforts, regularly updating strategies based on results and maintaining open communication with employees about the importance of their LinkedIn activity.

By combining a mix of education, recognition and incentivization, you can activate your employees as brand ambassadors on LinkedIn, ensuring that your company’s content reaches a wider audience and effectively competes with rivals in the LinkedIn space.

In the digital age, LinkedIn serves as a powerful platform for not only networking but also brand visibility. But the efficacy of the platform isn’t just in creating compelling content; it’s in amplifying its reach. By engaging employees in this process, businesses can transform their workforce into brand ambassadors, giving content the organic boost, it needs to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Remember, consistent engagement, recognition and adaptability are key. By fostering a company culture that values and understands the power of LinkedIn, businesses can ensure they remain at the forefront of their industry, capturing both mindshare and market share.

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