What’s the one word law firms should avoid using in their marketing materials?


This term often carries a self-aggrandizing tone, which may alienate prospective clients.

Law firms, and all businesses, should prioritize communication that centers on client needs and perspectives.

The use of “boasts” implies a focus on the firm’s achievements and attributes, potentially overshadowing the client-focused service that is the cornerstone of legal practice. Clients seek out law firms that convey trustworthiness, acumen and a partnership approach, not those that appear to be bragging about their successes.

Instead of “boasting,” firms should showcase their strengths in a way that relates directly to client benefits.

Phrases like “We are proud to offer,” “We are experienced in,” or “Our firm is recognized for” are more effective. These alternatives suggest a professional pride and confidence that is tied to the value clients will receive, rather than simply self-praise.

Marketing materials should also emphasize how the firm’s expertise translates into tangible outcomes for clients. Sharing success stories or case studies where the firm’s involvement led to positive results for clients can be compelling and create a narrative of collaboration and success.

The Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing: 5 Phrases That Are More Powerful than “Boasts”

  1. “Our Commitment” – Start with a pledge, showing clients your firm’s dedication to upholding their interests and delivering results.
  2. “Proven Expertise” – Highlight your track record of success in a way that promises reliability without sounding self-centered.
  3. “Trusted by Clients” – Use testimonials and case studies to let the satisfaction of past clients speak to your firm’s capabilities.
  4. “Dedicated to Excellence” – This phrase conveys a team effort aimed at achieving the highest standards for the benefit of the client.
  5. “Your Partner in” – Emphasize the collaborative nature of your relationship with clients, positioning your firm as an ally in their success.

It’s critical for law firms to communicate their value proposition in a way that is both confident and client-centric. By choosing words that reflect partnership, shared success and client benefits, law firms can connect more effectively with their audience and build lasting relationships built on demonstrating value and building trust.