I recently had the opportunity to participate in a podcast with Good2bSocial where I discussed the unique challenges faced by small and mid-size law firms. I noted how they can take more risks on creative marketing strategies, but staffing and budget resources are more limited, which can lead to opportunities to utilize outside business partners in areas like writing, design or SEO. Big law can lead to legal marketers being stretched thin, whereas small law can allow marketers to dive deep into content marketing.

Listen to the (it’s almost 30 minutes!) full podcast.

Some of the shownotes from the podcast included:

Owned Media vs. Earned Media

Earned: When another party produces content about your firm.

Owned: What your firm publishes themselves which can include client alerts, social media posts, and blogs.

Maximizing owned media can be important for small law firms who find it challenging to gain earned media attention.

Tips for Creating a Content Strategy Suited for your Firm

  • Focused content. More volume does not equal high quality content. It’s important to focus on core initiatives rather than struggle to promote every practice area.
  • Know your audience. Use analytics to understand where your readers are coming from and which platform they use to access your content.
  • Create Once, Publish Everywhere. Small firms with less resources can do a lot by repurposing content in ways that encourage their audience to see it in different ways. Highlight different key points and vary the platforms where you share it.
  • Utilize employee advocacy. Encourage employees and lawyers to share the content your firm creates with others through their own social networks.

How Smaller Law Firms Can Do the Same with Less

  • Creating and then repurposing your own content.
  • Training lawyers on social technologies and getting them involved in your content strategy.
  • Taking advantage of tools like Canva that can make graphic design more accessible.
  • Finding strong business partners and utilizing consultants.