Developing a social media strategy aligned to your business development goals is critical to ensuring that your content supports your big picture growth efforts, so I wanted to share a few ideas that I hope inspire you:

By aligning your content and social media strategy to your BD goals you will focus in on the right practices and industries, and the lawyers to spotlight within them. Then use data and competitive intelligence to help support these efforts. Remember, everything you do should be centered on bringing leads and delighting your clients, including each piece of content you create.

  • Regularly meet with business development colleagues to understand their priorities and how you can support their efforts.
  • Review practice plans with BD so you really understand your firm’s practice and industry goals.
  • Make sure you know your top clients in each practice/industry.
  • Become well versed in your firm’s strategic plan so you understand the bigger picture.
  • Support key rainmakers and up-and-coming associates and junior partners.
  • Be strategic in choosing on which practices/people you focus. This may change each year based on firm goals.
  • Define your audience, plan your approach and set clear, measurable goals.