It’s important to remember that you should be kind to everyone, because every industry is incredibly tight knit.

Also, everyone is a potential referral source, or someone who could potentially hire you or recommend you for a job. You never know who knows who, and just like everyone checks you out online, people also ask around informally about you too. So the next time you get a cold call or a cold email, be nice.

Here’s why: a service provider friend recently showed me an email that she received from an in-house marketer when she cold emailed him that was quite rude and dismissive. This email has become an urban legend and this legal marketer hurt his reputation because people talk – especially when someone behaves badly. Also, never put that kind of stuff in writing – think before you type and speak – a moment of frustration or anger can go on to damage you for a long time afterwards.

The lesson? Think before you act and treat everyone with kindness. Being kind is just the right thing to do.

Also, I was a consultant for a short period of time and then I went back in-house – lots of people in our industry pivot back and forth, so also think about the fact that everyone who you know could be a potential source of business. You may be the service provider or in-house one day – you just never know. Kindness is always the right way.