I came across a Twitter feed with great nuggets of inspirational advice that I wanted to share with those of you who could use some extra inspiration and motivation. Many of the posts are dedicated to simple things we can do to be better, kinder people and give back to others – all great things we should incorporate into our every day lives.

The account is @LollyDaskal and her good advice includes:

  1. Forgive and forget
  2. Find the good in people
  3. Pay good deeds forward
  4. Make someone smile
  5. Extend a helping hand
  6. Dwelling on the past won’t get you to your future
  7. Think before you speak
  8. Slow down before you speed up
  9. Don’t say yes when you mean no
  10. Feel grateful
  11. You are not your title
  12. You can never go wrong from being helpful
  13. Being calm is a superpower that allows your mind to find solutions
  14. Tough times say a lot about who you are
  15. See the good in everything, keep your promises and don’t cross anyone
  16. Things that matter: Support others to succeed, give your undivided attention and exceed expectations
  17. Express gratitude, cultivate optimism, avoid overthinking and practice kindness

I’m sure we could all benefit from Lolly’s smart tips – even if we just did one of these things each day.