Everyone is stressed right now over the coronavirus outbreak, which is totally understandable. I live in New York City where all restaurants, gyms and schools are closed for who knows how long and gatherings of more than 50 people are banned. Nothing is normal right now.

I love being around people and social distancing is hard for me but it’s what we need to do. Social distancing and isolation is effective to stop the coronavirus from spreading, especially for older and more vulnerable people, who we need to protect and help quickly.

I think we are all so on edge because our routines have been disrupted and there’s no end date for when this will be over and we can get back to “normal” – that’s why social distancing is so important now.

Please don’t panic or jump to the worst case scenario. Also please don’t hoard supplies – offer to help an elderly person who needs someone to go shopping for them.

I love the lessons in this graphic – life isn’t cancelled. Getting outdoors isn’t cancelled. Neither is music, family, reading, singing, laughing or having hope.

We have to depend on each other and technology right now. Be kind to everyone, including yourself. Give thanks for all you do have. And go outside (but maintain distance between others). Enjoy time with your family and pets. Say I love you more. We will get through this together.