Here are some simple things you can do on Sunday (or any day) to set yourself up for a productive and satisfying work week.

Make time for the most important things on your to-do list. A wise former boss said to me “do the worst first” and it stuck with me. It feels so good to cross things off your to-do list doesn’t it?

I know a lawyer who schedules time in her calendar for business development and she treats it as something she can’t cancel. I love this idea of making time for business development and sticking to it. That’s how you will be successful at client retention and lead generation.

Exercise and the right foods are so important to maintain a healthy work/life balance. For me, Flywheel is my saving grace for a challenging workout and a way to release stress. Plus high-intensity workouts release feel-good chemicals that can really brighten up your day.

Work hard but smart so you can make time for what’s really important like your family and friends. And most of all, give thanks to being alive, which is the greatest gift we each have.