Here are some quick ideas on how to stay focused, centered and avoid distractions‬ in a time when nothing is normal.

  1. Don’t watch the news all day‬
  2. ‪Have a calming mantra‬ – do yoga or meditate
  3. Organize and declutter your space‬
  4. ‪Eat healthy and drink lots of water
  5. ‪Get a good chair
  6. ‪Make lists‬ and cross off items as you complete them
  7. Do one project/task at a time – don’t let your email take over your day
  8. ‪Reward yourself‬ – go outside for some fresh air, take a bath, indulge in something you love, for me it’s cooking and baking, and writing
  9. Think about all of your blessings instead of focusing on the negative and unknown
  10. Spend time with your pet
  11. Take breaks and FaceTime friends and loved ones
  12. Use social media to reconnect with family, friends and former colleagues
  13. Allow yourself to unplug at night and let your mind wander a bit by watching TV or reading a book
  14. Organize virtual happy hours or coffee breaks, join a virtual book club or take part in a Zoom workout (yoga, meditation, barre, HIIT or spin) – you can find them all over Instagram or message me for suggestions

What is helping you through this time? As you can tell, my dog ranks highly on the list.