19 years. I remember it was the most beautiful blue sunny day in NYC. Not a cloud in the sky. The perfect temperature. And then everything changed. It was gut wrenching. But we recovered and rebuilt. Because that’s what New Yorkers do. We are resilient and strong.

As a lifelong New Yorker, I love New York City. Especially today.

Part of being social media savvy is knowing what to post and when. I’ve never been comfortable posting on social media on September 11. Especially anything that is self-promotional. I really hope that others will follow my lead in this today.

I think it’s perfectly fine to remember the events of September 11 and do a post to commemorate 9/11, but it is in my opinion not appropriate to promote yourself or your business today. I advised each of my clients not to post on social today unless it was about 9/11, and I did not post on their behalf. I prepped content for them and I will post it next week.

Remember what a difficult day this is for so many people who lost a loved one or who directly witnessed such tragedy.

Don’t be tone deaf. Always put yourself in the shoes of others, think about what might be perceived as insensitive and when there is ever a doubt in your mind, wait to post. Your great content will still be great next week.