Pivot has become my new middle name.

I’ve been hosting an ugly holiday sweater party/contest for the past 10 years. I wasn’t about to let the pandemic ruin it, so I pivoted to a virtual format.

While it wasn’t the same, and I missed seeing everyone in person, it enabled friends from all over the country to take part rather than just local folks in NYC as in years past, so that’s a positive note. You can use this time to bring people together.

I’m also enjoying the opportunity to facilitate building relationships among my friends and colleagues with these virtual gatherings.

Think of these as easy ways to network and attend parties without leaving your house! There’s really no excuse not to go to these events, even if you just pop in. There’s no long drive, no missing time with your family and all of the other excuses we make to not go to events.

Although I felt like the emcee of a game show, I know that we need these kinds of events right now, and so I wanted to continue to do it. And yes, that is Alf on my ugly sweater and my puppies got into it too.

My puppies in their ugly holiday sweaters

Don’t let this time of social distancing keep you from the people who you care about most. You can still responsibly gather online  if you’re a little creative about it. And we will look back on this year someday and remember how inventive we were.

I’m looking for creative ideas for firm virtual parties and client gatherings for an upcoming article. Would love to hear your ideas!