We can be so hard on ourselves. Trust me, I do it too.
I’ve learned to have more grace and patience with myself – especially over the past year in quarantine. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since life as we knew it was halted. Here are a few simple ways to live a better daily life:
  1. Wake up early
  2. Don’t go more than 3 days without exercising
  3. Work harder than you think you did yesterday
  4. Make time to read/write every day
  5. Find joy in the little things
  6. Be kind – to yourself and others
  7. Live in the present
  8. Don’t over worry
  9. Don’t procrastinate
  10. Good is sometimes good enough
  11. Make time for the people who you care about
  12. Forgive yourself for your mistakes
  13. Replace why is this happening to me with what is this trying to teach me
  14. Always network
  15. Recast rejection into believing that closed doors are just what’s not meant for you
  16. Don’t chase – what is meant for you will find you
  17. Think of closed doors as the universe’s way of redirecting you to where you’re supposed to be
  18. Find reasons to smile and laugh
  19. Assume good intent with everyone
  20. Get a puppy or at least pet one
Remember it’s ok to not be ok sometimes and if we want to be kind, we need to start with ourselves first.