This is the look I now give to people who:

  • Tell me I can’t do something
  • Say I’m too old to start over
  • Think I’m younger than I am and so I must be less experienced
  • Talk about me behind my back or stab me in the back
  • Doubt that I will always rise up no matter what life throws my way
  • Take credit for my ideas
  • Judge me by my appearance or gender
  • Enjoy when bad things happen to me or I experience a setback
  • Sabotage me
  • Say I can’t be successful
  • Are not kind or good to me
  • Say I’m not smart enough
  • Take advantage of me
  • Spread malicious gossip about me (yes Allison this one is dedicated to you and your drama-causing fake news)

The naysayers and the haters make me work harder. They motivate me more. I may get knocked down but I get back up even if it takes me time to process what happened. After being stabbed in the back professionally and personally numerous times, I’ve learned how to use these setbacks to my advantage. I’m obviously wiser because of them.

I’m also not afraid anymore of what happens, especially after being in many dysfunctional environments. I’m sure many of you can relate and obviously there are so many situations that fall on a pendulum of being mildly abusive to incredibly abusive and it’s only often when you’re out of them do you realize just how unhealthy they were.

Are you working on perfecting your similar outlook and facial expression?

I highly recommend it.

It’s the subtle art of not caring as much about opinions of you and cutting out the unnecessary noise from your life.

My advice is always to keep your circle small, and less is more in terms of what you share with people.

It’s never too late to learn something new, to invest in yourself or to rebuild your life.

Why not today?