Each of us are evolving and growing, especially over the past year during the quarantine when we’ve had more time to sit back and really think about who we are and what we want from life. And with that in mind, I’d like to challenge you to be open and intentional to:

  1. Unlearning things and ways of doing things
  2. Asking for more or for what you want
  3. Pushing through when you feel uncomfortable
  4. Being okay with everyone not liking you
  5. Doing the worst first – and not procrastinating
  6. Really listening to constructive feedback
  7. Listening to your gut more
  8. Letting unhealthy relationships go
  9. Depersonalizing what others do – remember that people do things based on who they are, not who you are
  10. Asking for help
  11. Trying something new
  12. Being okay with being wrong
  13. Saying no instead of yes or maybe
  14. Showing up as your full, authentic self, no matter what
  15. Leaning more into your needs and taking care of yourself
  16. Giving up on convincing anyone to see your worth – closed doors are closed doors for a reason
  17. Being okay with things not being okay, but also knowing that the storms will pass
  18. Being willing to see things differently and be different

It is often when we challenge ourselves that we grow the most. Be more intentional about the decisions you make and the way in which you live your life. And always remember that it is never too late to start over or build the life you want.