There IS a right and wrong time to post content on LinkedIn IF you want to make sure that your content has maximum impact. And who doesn’t?

I wish there was a way for me and you to ensure that every single person in our networks would see every single piece of content that we post. But that’s simply impossible. So we have to post our content when our audiences will see it.

In this video I explore when you should post your content to LinkedIn for maximum impact and engagement.

Also, try posting videos every now and then like I did here. It’s a good way to convey some of the written content you create. Video content resonate more with some people. And it ranks highly on LinkedIn.

PS – I create a batch of my videos once a week when I actually have the time to do my makeup and hair, and look halfway decent. I change my shirt in them so it looks like I’ve created videos on different days. (If video isn’t your thing, no worries. Do what makes you comfortable!)

And also try posting on LinkedIn on the weekend. You will find that many people are actually on LinkedIn then because they have more time during the weekend to scroll.

Don’t overthink it. Just do it!