The real magic happens on LinkedIn when you start building relationships and are dedicated to providing value to your followers and connections. Here’s how:

☑️ Post relevant and useful content consistently. Think about serving and helping others in each of your posts – not about promoting yourself.

☑️ Tell stories. People connect with you more when you share stories. Storytelling really works. It makes your content personal and unique, and makes you memorable.

☑️Share career and business opportunities with your network. LinkedIn is a great place to find candidates!

☑️ Introduce your connections to people you know and offer to help others.

☑️ Engage with your connections’ content. Your reactions, shares and comments can help them build their brand and audience.

☑️Give away helpful free stuff: free talks, free consultations, free CLEs, free tools, free ebooks, etc – think how can these freebies showcase what differentiates me and my organization?

☑️ Be a mentor. There’s always someone who can learn from you. Paying it forward is just the right thing to do.

☑️ Be YOU. You can add value by simply being you! (And don’t forget to add a little bit of MAGIC and maybe a bit of pasta too – or whatever is that secret ingredient that makes you unique).

This photo was taken at my favorite place – Eataly – where I sometimes go for ideas inspiration and to unwind – maybe you have a place like that too.

What else can you add to the list?