My good friend Helen Burness shared several practical tips on how to address imposter syndrome from a Marketing Meetup event with guest speaker Sahana Sekaran.

These tips are terrific and useful for professionals at all levels of their careers – as Helen noted, all of us could use a hand right now in silencing that inner critic, after 18 months of working through this crisis!

⚡️Don’t fake it till you make it – learn that you earned it! Remind yourself that you deserve to be where you are, journal and write achievements down, daily if possible.

⚡️Don’t try and be someone else, and don’t compare yourself to others. Be authentic and comfortable with yourself.

⚡️Find your edge – what are the three words that make you great? Ask other people for their thoughts.

⚡️Remember we have to be out of our comfort zones to grow. Practice saying yes!

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