This is a quick reminder that you should take a break from work and social media on the weekends whenever you want to be with who and what’s truly important in your life. To be really present with those who matter.

During the pandemic I often worked 18 hours a day because there was no separation between work and home, and I had nervous energy to burn off.

I’ve gotten better about it but, I always feel guilty about not working every single day. Because there is always something to do, and I never feel completely caught up.

My family used to say that I checked my phone all the time when I was with them. I’m sure that made them feel unimportant.

So now I put my phone away when I’m with them and I enjoy the moment instead.

This Social Media Butterfly has also started to spend less time on social media (gasp!) to be more efficient and present with my family.

Simply put you just have to make time for what’s important to you, period.

Don’t check your email for an evening or weekend. Actually use your vacation days. Go to your kids’ recitals and eat dinner with them as much as you can (log back into your computer if you must after they go to bed).

Set boundaries with your employer for how much you will be available on weekends and while on vacation.

You must choose to be selfish sometimes so that you can have a personal life and also just for your overall mental well being.

You don’t want to miss out on the really important moments with your family or worse, miss out on having a family because you were too busy working.

Remember that your good is good enough most of the time.

So be you, be real, take lots of pictures and make the time to enjoy what matters most. Because life is short.