I know there are people who root for me to fail.

My wise friend Tim Corcoran once said to me that the more successful you become the more haters you will have. And that means you’ve made it.

I guess that’s a positive way to think about the fact that many of us have haters, critics or naysayers – people who are thorns in our sides who are not rooting for us and who are jealous of us.

I used to let these people bother me. I even let them dictate what I posted on social, how I acted in social settings or the way I dressed because I often felt like I was under a microscope.

And then I realized that I don’t care if everyone likes me because they simply won’t. Particularly women who can be mean girls when threatened by another woman.

The more I stepped into who I was, ignored them and believed in myself, the smaller my circle got.

I only wanted to be around people who weren’t threatened by me, who wanted to see me succeed and who clapped as loudly for me as I clapped for them.

Pay your haters and naysayers no mind (this happens with every age group, with all genders and in all professions).

Limit your contact with them and don’t tell them about the things you have planned. You don’t need to post everything about your life on social media. I learned that the hard way.

And be unapologetically you.

Use your strengths to help others.

Never brag, but also don’t diminish your accomplishments and the helpful insights you can give others.

When you show up with intention in your profession from a place of genuine appreciation for what you have and how you can help others, you will continue to soar.

Cut out the haters. Use them to motivate you – it’s all noise. And never ever dim your light.