A quick and easy way for you to start building your brand on LinkedIn and dip your toes into posting, but not quite posting is to build a commenting strategy.

One of the very early ways that I started to get more active on LinkedIn was strategically commenting on certain individuals posts. These were posts that resonated with me and were in my content pillars (those are the three to five areas that support your brand and business).

What you do is add value to that post, you don’t take away the spotlight from the author of the post by promoting yourself, your products or a webinar you have or directing people to something you did. That’s not good LinkedIn manners.

What you do instead is add to the conversation with your own thoughts, supporting the discussion, continuing that conversation, bringing a vantage point talking about an experience you had on the same issue. And in the process, essentially what you’re doing is establishing yourself as a leader in your area.

People to whom you’re not connected will see your brilliant comment and then connect with you. You have the ability to increase your visibility and network on LinkedIn with a commenting strategy.

So think about whose posts you want to comment on and then build it into your daily to-do list.

You can even turn your LinkedIn comments into an actual post with the click of a button.

Commenting on posts helps you build relationships, increases your visibility and helps position you as a thought leader.

Most importantly it helps you become more comfortable with posting on on LinkedIn. Also you can always edit a comment with the three little dots on the side of the post.

So try it out and let me know how it goes!