For many lawyers, the thought of business development brings to mind images of daunting tasks outside their comfort zone. Yet, embedding growth strategies into your everyday activities can be surprisingly manageable and highly effective. Here are ideas on how to take a more effective approach to business development that feels natural, not forced, in your daily life.

Leverage LinkedIn to Your Advantage

How-To: Set aside 10 minutes each morning to engage on LinkedIn. Follow leaders and potential clients in industries relevant to your practice. Comment on posts with thoughtful insights and share articles that align with your expertise. This daily habit can significantly increase your visibility and position you as an engaged industry leader.

Foster Genuine Relationships

How-To: Instead of viewing networking as a pure numbers game, focus on fostering a few meaningful relationships at a time. When meeting new contacts, delve beyond the surface by asking about their business challenges and personal interests. Follow up with a personalized note mentioning something specific from your conversation to show you were truly listening to them and you care about them.

Kindness as a Business Strategy

How-To: Keep notes on significant events in your contacts’ professional lives (you can learn about these through LinkedIn and of course by just staying in regular touch). Sending a personal message to congratulate them on a new role, achievement or something pivotal in their personal life shows you value them beyond a potential business transaction.

Become an Industry Insider

How-To: Subscribe to newsletters and set up Google Alerts for industries of interest. Spend your morning coffee time browsing through these updates. This habit not only keeps you informed but also prepares you to engage in meaningful conversations with clients and prospects about their business landscape.

Offer Value Without Expectations

How-To: Identify opportunities to offer brief legal insights or introductions that could benefit your contacts without expecting anything in return. This could be during casual conversations or in response to something you’ve seen on social media. Generosity without immediate reciprocity often pays dividends in the long run.

Broaden Your Event Horizons

How-To: Aim to attend at least one non-legal event related to your clients’ industries each quarter. Participate actively by asking questions during sessions or offering to speak on topics where law and industry intersect. These actions can help you stand out and make valuable connections in a less crowded space.

Content is King

How-To: Dedicate one hour each week to writing. This could be drafting articles, blog posts or LinkedIn posts that share your unique perspective on current legal issues affecting your clients and their respective industries. Use tools like Grammarly to polish your work, and Canva for engaging visuals, making content creation less daunting and more efficient.

Evaluate and Adjust

How-To: Regularly reflect on what’s working and what isn’t in your business development efforts. Are your LinkedIn engagements leading to meaningful conversations? Do your industry insights resonate with your audience? Adjust your strategies based on feedback and results to keep your efforts effective and relevant.

Key Takeaways

  • Consistency is Crucial: Small, daily actions can lead to significant results over time. Consistency in engagement, relationship-building, and content creation is more impactful than sporadic grand gestures.
  • Genuine Relationships Matter: People are more inclined to do business with those they know, like and trust. Focusing on building genuine interactions rather than peripheral transactional networking fosters deeper connections.
  • Leverage Technology: Use digital tools to streamline your efforts, from setting reminders to engage with your network to using content creation tools to simplify publishing.

By integrating these strategies into your daily routine, you’ll find that business development becomes a natural part of your workflow, not an additional burden. With a consistent, genuine approach, you’ll grow your network, establish your expertise and open new opportunities for client development.