I wanted to dedicate a post to a newish LinkedIn feature that enables the platform’s users to spotlight other members of their LinkedIn network by sharing someone’s profile with their LinkedIn connections. You can also share your own profile to your network.

You can share your profile with any of your 1st-degree connections and coworkers

It’s never been more important to build a strong personal brand than it is now, especially when many people are seeking employment and unable to network in person.

Your personal brand is every touchpoint that people have with you — and right now during social distancing, most of this is happening online, so auditing and

What if I told you that there was a cool visual way to view and then request new connections to your LinkedIn network and it was so easy that all you had to do was to hold up your smartphone and scan a QR code?

Well, it exists – pretty exciting, right? (it’s a relatively new feature that was introduced in June 2018) and many people don’t know about it, because LinkedIn doesn’t always do a great job of letting its users know when it makes enhancements to its platform. Take full advantage of this nifty tool and impress the lawyers with whom you work and your colleagues. Also – add this to every presentation you give from now on.
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Use the summer and this time working remotely to make enhancements to your LinkedIn profile and your LinkedIn branding and marketing plan.

LinkedIn is the most important social media channel for professionals in any field. LinkedIn enables you to nurture relationships or build your brand more easily and efficiently than ever before.

A robust and

It’s a challenging time for everyone in terms of generating new business right now for everyone. Some clients are reluctant to engage with outside counsel and certain matters have been put on hold with the world being in such flux.

If you are a senior associate or junior partner who has lost momentum on building

While quality is always better than quantity when it comes to the number of LinkedIn connections you have, most business professionals who use LinkedIn can increase the number of connections they have on the platform.

LinkedIn is a great place to network with other professionals who could become business partners, referral sources, clients or even

While it is a little more challenging to build relationships that will turn into referrals and new clients today due to social distancing, it is not impossible by any means. It just requires us to pivot what we were doing before the pandemic (taking clients and prospects to lunch or events, going to in-person networking events and conferences) and conducting most of our networking and brand building online or by phone. It involves shifting to doing more thought leadership and relying on social media and webinars.

When done correctly, these tools can help you cast an even wider net on your marketing and business development efforts than before due to the vast reach of the social platforms. Your goal is to stay top of mind and to be helpful. That’s it. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate these tools into your marketing and business development strategy and turn your connections into new business.

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There will come a point in your career when you will get fired, let go, downsized or furloughed. No matter the circumstances surrounding you losing your job, it sucks. I’ve been through almost all of them myself.

But the bright side is that you can emerge from these situations as a stronger, better version of your professional self and use these failures to propel you to work situations that are a better fit for you – just like I did.

Every dark situation has a silver lining, and I want you to know that you aren’t alone in experiencing speed bumps along your career path. You can fail (multiple times in fact) but still have a successful career. Remember – just because it didn’t work out for you in one position doesn’t mean that you are doomed for your entire career. What will define you is how you dust yourself off after a setback and forge ahead. Resiliency, resourcefulness and determination will set you apart from others and help you get back on track. Here are some tips to help you.

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Everyone is nervous about everything right now, including the economy and how that may affect their employment status. Some companies are doing mass layoffs and salary reductions. You don’t want to be unemployed right now because businesses aren’t going to be as quick to hire – they want to see how the coronavirus pandemic will affect their bottom line – and new projects will likely be put on hold for the foreseeable future.

It’s never been more important to be the model employee and to go above and beyond. Don’t give your company a reason to doubt your commitment or work product.

Here are a few tips to bulletproof your job now that you can carry into the future.

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This is not the year to take a break from social media during the summer. Instead this is the time to focus on your business development and branding efforts.

I don’t know anyone right now especially (or ever) who would say they have enough clients or work. I think everyone is nervous about the economy, the ability to maintain their current volume of work, bring in future clients and support their people.

That being said, it’s incredibly important to ensure your current clients are happy and that you are consistently generating new sources of leads and referrals.

Here are 25 ideas on how to do that, which now involves shifting your strategy from in-person networking and client entertaining to having a strong online presence and thought leadership platform. If you have never used LinkedIn, written an article or blog post or spoken at a webinar, now is the time to pivot to doing all of these. It is never too early or late to start marketing yourself or your firm.

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