I know everyone feels really stressed and anxious right now in the midst of a global pandemic but there are some things over which you can control and decisions that are within your power.

Even though it doesn’t feel like you have a lot of choices right now you do. You can choose your perspective. You can choose to break negative patterns and habits. You can choose to be happy each day – or not. You can choose to be productive around your home and use this time to organize and purge.

I’ve always felt cleaning to be very helpful and cathartic when there are stressful things going on outside of my control. Cleaning gives me the necessary time to think before I react. Cleaning enables me to reach a balanced and centered place from where I can actually respond to a situation in a measured and calm way.

Also drink lots of water, eat healthy, connect with loved ones even if only by video chat for now, exercise, stay centered and be grateful for all you have. This too shall pass. I promise.