In this video I discuss the importance of internal communication and education. We can remain close to each other by using online tools such as Zoom, FaceTime, email and of course LinkedIn.

I have been doing Zoom trainings for clients on how to appropriately market yourself during this unprecedented time, as well as how to online network effectively focusing on LinkedIn. Virtual team trainings bring your employees together and develop skills so they’re great to do on a regular basis.

I also explore virtual happy hours (some with themes) and coffee breaks, which firms large and small are doing to help with internal morale and relationship building.

I’ve also found one-on-one Zoom sessions to be helpful in walking my clients through enhancing their LinkedIn profiles. We go through each section together and they make the edits on screen in real time.

Internal communication is crucial, and if you don’t have an internal e-newsletter, create one. I also recommend that managing partners send out a weekly check-in email.

Although we must be physically apart we don’t need to be apart socially. I think the term social distancing is misleading because we just can’t be together physically but we can still be social and continue to build strong relationships with each other – they just look a little different now. Think about it in a positive way  – that we are using technology better and being more efficient with our time. Online networking and trainings will continue well into the future.

If you find yourself needing help in these areas, reach out. Stay safe.

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