Internal Communications

Your work is just beginning if you smartly choose to use every webinar and conference you attend as a way to bolster your brand and expand your professional network.
Continue to cultivate these relationships and implement the valuable takeaways you learned while building your personal brand. Here’s how.
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Professional conferences and

In this video I discuss the importance of internal communication and education. We can remain close to each other by using online tools such as Zoom, FaceTime, email and of course LinkedIn.

I have been doing Zoom trainings for clients on how to appropriately market yourself during this unprecedented time, as well as how

I wrote a new article for and the Mid-Market Report on “How To Maintain and Build Your Business During COVID-19.”

As I note, the most important question you should ask yourself right now is “how can we support our clients and our profession during this time?” Let that guide everything you do as a