Social media success is about what you post and when you post. Here are a few quick tips to improve your social media efforts.

  1. Address the pain points and important issues of your target audience in posts
  2. Tag others in posts using the @ sign
  3. Be helpful not boastful
  4. Post once a day to stay top of mind
  5. Add a call to action/link back to your website
  6. Use a mix of written thought leadership, video and podcasts to appeal to a wider audience
  7. Keep posts succinct and to the point
  8. Use hashtags (but make sure they’re the right ones)
  9. Always include an image with each post which will help get it noticed in others’ feeds
  10. Monitor what your competitors are posting for inspiration on future posts
  11. Get your employees comfortable with sharing social posts to tap into their valuable networks
  12. Study your analytics to look at which posts did well (or not) and create more of the posts that resonated with your audience
  13. Make a content calendar to help track posts and to easily reuse and repurpose content
  14. Post at the times of day when your followers are on social
  15. Don’t feel like you have to be on every social platform – be focused