Although it’s been a difficult year for many of us with the pandemic affecting us in many ways both personally and professionally, you don’t have to feel stuck. Use this time productively to set plans into motion for the future and building the life that you want for yourself. 

To help you do that, I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned that it’s never to late to..

  1. Start over and pursue a dream
  2. Make amends with anyone
  3. Focus on your professional development
  4. Be kinder to others (and yourself)
  5. Simplify your life
  6. Cut out toxic relationships
  7. Believe in yourself
  8. Move on from past hurts
  9. Create your own version of success
  10. Exercise and take care of yourself
  11. Shift your career entirely
  12. Say yes (or no) more
  13. Break/change your routine
  14. Create and work on your bucket list
  15. Stop comparing yourself to others
  16. Stop believing you don’t deserve happiness
  17. Stop doubting your abilities
  18. Stand up for yourself more

The path to success and happiness for most individuals is not straightforward – it’s filled with twists and turns along the way. Just keep going.

I used to let things happen to me instead of taking control of my life. Now I take control. What makes me an expert in this area? Nothing except I’ve been through a lot over the years as I’m sure many of you have as well. I try to use every challenging experience to help propel me to become a better, wiser, stronger person. I believe there’s a silver lining in everything  

My mentor Wendy says she lives by one rule. “I want to look in the mirror every morning and be proud of the person I am and what I’ve done – without excuses.” I try to apply this to everything I do too. Try it.