So many organizations and individuals spend lots of time creating great content but then they post it once to their web site and social media (I call this “one and done”).

This is a huge waste of your time and effort.

A blog post or article can be turned into multiple pieces of content in unique formats if you are a little creative. You should always think “create less, promote more.” Work on getting the content you already have in the hands of more influencers and potential clients.

So where do you find content to repurpose? The first place to start to find content worth repurposing is your blog and client alert archives. Review your past posts with an eye toward the following:

Evergreen content. I love evergreen content – I call it the gift that keeps giving. You might be surprised just how much of your archives qualifies as evergreen. The two most important elements for evergreen content are timelessness and quality so that it stays relevant and gets traffic.

These are pieces like “Why You Need a Will” or “What to Do When You Get a Subpoena” or “How to Create an Effective Social Media Strategy.” Take some time to identify those pieces in your content archives and then use the tools below to extend their shelf life.

Here are some ideas for how you can turn one piece of content into multiple unique formats.

  • How to piece
  • Case study
  • Graph
  • Word cloud
  • E-book
  • Tool
  • App
  • Pinterest instructographic
  • Presentation
  • FAQ
  • Webinar
  • Infographic
  • Quora post
  • Interview
  • List
  • Opinion post
  • Video
  • Survey
  • Podcast
  • Quote
  • Q&A

What ideas do you have for turning your content into other pieces?