Here are a few must-incorporate ideas to grow your social media presence and clout, and your followers, for firms of any size or individuals in 2021.

Commit to enhancing your social media and content marketing strategy now and you’ll increase your visibility, your prospects, your brand recognition and maybe likely your client base.

  1. Only focus on the social platforms used by your clients and prospects
  2. Incorporate video and podcasts
  3. Never sell yourself or be boastful in a post – just be helpful and provide value
  4. Post consistently and often (once a day)
  5. Post at the right time (in the morning, lunch time and between 4 and 7pm). Skip Monday mornings and Friday afternoons as well as weekends for the most part when it comes to business content.
  6. Invest in a content syndicator like JD Supra to extend the reach of your content
  7. Repurpose your content (each piece of content can become 3-6 different posts)
  8. Inject your personality into your posts – BE YOU!
  9. Engage with your followers when they leave comments
  10. Be generous by posting about others – share their content, like and comment on their posts – this is a great way to build relationships
  11. Use an editorial calendar to plan out your posts
  12. Use hashtag holidays to fill in your content schedule
  13. Find a niche (even if you can do everything, you can’t be everything to everyone)
  14. Share only value-added content – if you share award or matter wins, write it in a client-centric way
  15. Use correctly sized visuals to bring posts to life (I use Canva)
  16. Use (the right) hashtags to become more discoverable
  17. Find content inspiration from your competitors
  18. Always link posts back to your web site and use bitly links to track engagement
  19. Use analytics to refine content and social strategy (track success of posts)
  20. Include a link to your social accounts in your email signature
  21. Create products such as infographics, white papers, or webinars and include/feature your firm branding on them
  22. Use email marketing to supplement your social efforts, as it is the most direct way to reach your target audience
  23. Post content about what your company is doing for the environment and on social issues

I’d love to hear what’s working for you in building your social strategy and followers.