Pam Tobias has more than 15 years of legal marketing experience, with a focus on CRM and other marketing technologies. For the last 15 years, she has focused specifically on LexisNexis InterAction, working with business development, events, communications and other teams to align the database for business planning, key account management and other vital marketing, business development and firm initiatives. She also specializes in repositioning misunderstood (or failed) systems working closely with marketing, business development and IT.

As a Client Advisor at LexisNexis, she focuses on helping clients be successful with
their marketing and business development initiatives by integrating technology into growth strategies and everyday business processes.

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What do you love most about what you do?

I thought I would start with the easiest question, first. The people with whom I work! My colleagues and clients are what motivate me every day. I care about helping people and making an impact which is easier to accomplish when you are surrounded by amazing and talented people.

Why did you choose your profession?

My profession chose me. There is a quote, “go where you are rare.” Throughout my career and career changes, I have been lucky to work with companies, colleagues and clients who genuinely believe in my unique talents and have shared theirs with me.

Any advice to young women on succeeding in the workplace?

Instead of expecting others to change, learn to change yourself. We will come across all types of people during our careers, but there will always be one common denominator, ourselves. If we can’t change a situation or a person, we can change our attitude about it. And, don’t let small things get to you!

What do you wish you could tell your younger self?

If I could give the younger me advice, it would be this, “bloom where you are planted.” Take advantage of the opportunities you have and be grateful for your present situation. Most importantly recognize those opportunities! You may not be where you want to be right now, but you are well on your way…every chapter in your life will lead to a new and exciting chapter.

What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?

A team member once shared a quote, “Be nice to people you meet on your way up because you’ll meet them on your way down.” This advice has always stuck with me and is very true.

What do you think is the key for success in a role like yours?

In a world filled with so many shortcuts, I have found the true key to success is the gritty part. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, mistakes and failures to achieve success. There is no magical, mythical unicorn that will fly you to the top, success is a product of rolling up your sleeves and getting it done!