The next Woman Who Wows is Jennifer Gillman, the President of Gillman Strategic Group, a legal recruiting company focused solely on law firm partner placement.

Her goal is to help dissatisfied law firm partners and solo practitioners find the perfect fit at another firm, which can make a dramatic difference in their career and personal satisfaction.

After practicing law for 12 years, she realized that legal recruiting combined her two passions of law and matchmaking. She worked with a full-service New Jersey legal recruiting firm for 10 years, before following her dream and launching Gillman Strategic Group in 2018.

Get to know more about Jennifer in this profile.

Why did you choose your profession?

I was a practicing lawyer. However, after having my first child, I was looking for a change so that I would be more available for them. I agreed to have lunch with a recruiter I met and during lunch he made a convincing case for me to try recruiting and agreed to train me if I would work with his company. That was in 2009. After almost ten years with that company, I started Gillman Strategic Group to focus solely on law firm partner placement from the candidate’s point of view.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you? 

I look forward to Women’s History Month every March. As a mother to a daughter, it is imperative that we recognize the contributions and successes of women to our culture, history and economy. I want my daughter to dream big and accomplish her dreams. Knowing that trails have been blazed before her will give her the confidence and ambition to succeed. As a mother to a son, I want him to learn to empower women who have dreams and goals.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love matchmaking. So, when I can place an already successful lawyer at a law firm that is a better fit for him or her, and the candidate and law firm benefit for the long-term, that makes my day and motivates me to find more matches.

What do you think is the key for success in a role like yours?

The key to success is two-fold. One, I really care. I will not steer a candidate to a place that is not an exact right perfect fit. Further, if I cannot help somebody, for whatever reason, I tell that person and recommend someone that would be a better fit for them to talk to. Two, I am a great listener. I have to fully understand why a candidate may not be happy and what it will take to get them there. The only way to understand this is to listen carefully.

How has the pandemic changed you? 

I learned quickly how to pivot to doing business online and I found that I really enjoy working this way as well. I plan to continue online meetings in my business going forward, as well as in person. I can get a lot more accomplished when I don’t travel all day to in-person meetings.

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