October is National Women’s Small Business Month, a time to promote, support and discover all the amazing women-led businesses around us.

It also encourages more women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Entrepreneurship is on the rise, especially among women. The number of female-owned businesses has increased by 114% over the last two decades, and there are currently 12.3 million women-led businesses in the U.S.

But as impressive as these statistics are, there’s still work to be done.

While women make up nearly 51% of the population only 42% of U.S. businesses are owned by them.

Despite all the progress we’ve made, female entrepreneurs continue to face a number of hurdles that men don’t.

Women Who Wow has featured a lot of small women business owners who inspire me every day. You can read their stories here.

How can you support women small businesses? Use them and tell others about them.

Women who have them can share their stories of how they got to where they are, which can inspire others to pursue their dreams.

And finally mention your favorite small women-owned businesses in the comments below to raise awareness about them.