Kindness. I learned this week when I wrote a social media post that garnered some negative comments that we need more of it in the world today and every day.

A wise friend of mine always says that I should assume good intent with everyone with whom I come into contact.

I try to do this instead of making snap judgments and reacting in the moment, but it isn’t always easy to practice in real life.

So many of us are carrying around heavy personal baggage on a daily basis that impacts us.

It doesn’t matter how successful or old one is, everyone deals with personal and professional issues that affect our moods and impact our interactions with others.

And while we don’t have control over what others do, we do have control over our own actions, how we deal with the cards we’ve been dealt and how we interact with others.

It is not often apparent to the naked eye the struggles that someone is facing internally.

So treat everyone with kindness because you just don’t know what someone is dealing with on any given day.

This is why we shouldn’t take anything someone does or says too personally.

You could really make a difference in someone’s life with a simple gesture of support or kindness.

Why should we be kinder?

Well, it makes us happier for one. It reduces stress and anxiety.

Research suggests that kind people are often healthier and live longer.

And it’s the right thing to do. Kindness is contagious. Kind acts encourage other kind acts.

Kindness is a choice. So, choose it.

How can you be kinder? It’s simple – do kind things for others!

Savor the everyday moments that make you happy in order to become a kinder person.

Relishing the little things – such as a warm sunny day, when your dogs take a good holiday photo (see evidence here) or enjoying the flowers in your garden – teaches you to be more grateful and appreciative of what you have, especially when things go wrong, and as a result, you may find yourself being kinder to others.

If each of us does one kind act each day, imagine what we can accomplish?

So let’s challenge each other to be kinder and nicer, and let’s start right now.

Happy holidays.