So you want to start writing more on LinkedIn but you sometimes struggle to come up with content ideas? I’ve got you covered!

Here are 20 content prompts to inspire anyone in any field.

All that it’s missing is your unique experience from your perspective. And that’s what your content advantage is.

Take a look at Shari Belitz to see how this is put into practice with her unique take on song lyrics in her posts.

And Major Lindsey & Africa recruiter Dimitri Mastrocola for his helpful posts for success strategies for in-house counsel.

1. Red flags to watch out for
2. Easy changes to make
3. A Q&A series or an FAQ
4. Your favorite tech tools
5. Job interviewing tips
6. Success tips
7. Your favorite books/blogs
8. An inspirational quote
9. Why you chose your field
10. Step-by-step carousel post
11. How to do X
12. Lessons learned from past
13. Women who inspire you
14. Productivity hacks
15. List posts – 5 tips for X
16. How you got your first client
17. What you learned from/by
18. What you‘d tell younger self
19. Best/worst occurrences
20. Mistakes to avoid

The next step is to choose which topics interest you from the prompt list above and then outline a post (or two or three) about them.

Make sure to choose ideas that are consistent with your content pillars – these are a set of themes or topics that you can use to create posts. (If you don’t have content pillars, now is a good time to create them).

The content pillars that you choose should encompass and be consistent with your brand’s purpose, values, tone of voice, positioning and goals.

As you write your posts, offer practical advice, write in short paragraphs, and tell stories from your own life when you can.

Most of all, be helpful and relatable. And be YOU!

The idea is to stay top of mind of with clients and prospects with helpful content where you can provide your unique perspective.

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