As we head into the long weekend, I want to stress the importance of not taking a break from marketing yourself or your organization during the summer – instead ramp it up!

The summer is a great time to focus on your business development and branding efforts especially since many of your competitors may not be.

People still have to work, they’re still interested in networking, reading content, they still scrolling on LinkedIn and they still want to learn by attending webinars.

This is THE time to focus on your own personal branding – especially your social media brand and do all those things on your “would like to do” list.

Every lawyer has a reputation.Very few lawyers have a brand.

Investing in executive branding is smart business.

Here are some ideas:

  • Google yourself regularly and set up Google Alerts for yourself and your top clients/prospects. This gives you valuable information. Your clients and potential clients are Googling you – know what they see and it gives you reasons to reach out to them.
  • Reevaluate your business development goals for the year and set achievable ones for the remainder of 2023.
  • Reconnect with former clients and referrals. Invite them to lunch, to play golf, even to your home on the weekend. In-person networking is the best way to build relationships.
  • Write a client alert, a blog post, an article or all of these! If writing isn’t your thing, buddy up with a colleague and co-author a piece together. Remember, content no longer needs to be long to be good. Most individuals skim articles.
  • Host a webinar – having your own webinar is a great way to showcase your expertise, get new clients, and build your brand and email list.
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn for building your brand and business – this means posting consistently and having a content plan.Here’s an easy way to post LinkedIn content in 3 steps:1. Find a post on your company page

    2. Click the share button, then “repost with your thoughts”

    3. Add a few lines of introductory text
    and 3-5 hashtags

    It builds your brand and increases your company’s visibility.

  • Make a connections plan for LinkedIn to strategically increase your network. Send 5-20 LinkedIn connection requests each week to build your audience.
  • Look at the analytics of past LinkedIn posts, blog posts and client alerts to see which ones did well and which did not. Use this information to strengthen your content strategy. Perhaps write a part 2 or update a piece that did well.
  • Enhance and update your bio and LinkedIn profile and update your representative matters too. If you don’t say you do something, people assume you don’t, so make sure you say it and also it helps with your SEO.
  • Find out how to become involved with your alumni associations (educational institutions and former firms) for strategic networking and relationship building.
  • Ensure that all practice area/industry descriptions on your web site are updated and create new ones as needed. Look for niche areas where your competitors aren’t.
  • Update lawyer bios. Just like practice descriptions and representative matter lists, these need to be updated regularly to reflect what you do, for whom you do it and WHY you do it. If your website has bios that all sound the same, consider a bio refresh initiative.
  • Do research to identify a bar association committee, social cause, trade association or pro bono project to get involved in – it’s a great way to give back to the industry and community, and meet new people.

Which of these resonates with you?

Investing in executive branding is smart business, especially on LinkedIn. It’s a free channel where more than 450 million members are actively scrolling at least once a week. Reach out to me for help with your executive branding strategy!

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