As lawyers, public speaking is often a significant part of the job, especially when sharing expertise at conferences, webinars and seminars. But why stop at the presentation you spent hours researching and creating? Every speaking engagement is an opportunity to elevate your personal brand and your firm’s presence in your industry. Here’s a roadmap on how to repurpose your legal presentations into dynamic marketing materials.

1. Break It Down Into Blog Posts: A well-researched presentation can be segmented into several blog posts. Each slide or topic can be expanded upon in a blog post format, allowing for a more in-depth discussion. This can establish you and your firm as a go-to resource on the subject matter and boost your SEO results.

2. Create Infographics If your presentation includes statistics, case studies, or complex concepts, why not distill them into visually appealing infographics? Infographics are shared 3x more than any other content on social media, making them a valuable marketing asset.

3. Develop a Whitepaper or eBook Condense your presentation into a downloadable whitepaper or eBook. It’s an excellent way for your audience to have a takeaway from your talk, and it also allows you to gather email addresses for future marketing campaigns.

4. Record and Share the Presentation With the presenter’s permission, record the presentation and share it on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Not only does this offer longevity to your talk, but it also makes it accessible for those who couldn’t attend in person.

5. Share Snippets on Social Media Extract key points, quotes or statistics from your presentation and share them on LinkedIn, Twitter or other relevant platforms. A series of posts can maintain audience engagement for weeks after the event.

6. Convert Into a Podcast or Webinar Series: Your one-time presentation can easily be the foundation of a multi-episode podcast or a webinar series, allowing you to delve deeper into sub-topics and engage with a wider audience.

7. Use Feedback as Testimonials: Collect feedback after your presentation and with the attendee’s permission, use positive remarks as testimonials on your website, brochures or other marketing materials.

8. Repurpose into Guest Articles: Offer to turn aspects of your presentation into guest articles for industry-specific journals, magazines or websites. It’s a great way to reach a broader audience and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

9. Create an FAQ Resource: Use questions posed during the Q&A session of your presentation to develop a comprehensive FAQ resource. This can be a standalone page on your website or integrated into a blog post.

10. Network, Network, Network! Lastly, remember that every speaking engagement is a networking opportunity. Connect with attendees on LinkedIn, gather business cards and follow up with a thank you note. These connections can be valuable for future collaborations, referrals or clients.

Every speaking opportunity is a chance to showcase your expertise and position yourself as an industry leader. By repurposing your presentations into various marketing materials, you’re not only extending the life and reach of your content but also ensuring that your insights reach and benefit a wider audience. Embrace the chance to amplify your voice and your brand in the legal community.