When a lateral lawyer joins a new law firm, it presents a strategic opportunity to leverage their expertise for your firm’s marketing, public relations and business development efforts. This can be done through a variety of marketing strategies designed to highlight the new arrival’s skills and deepen client relationships. Given the time, effort and financial resources invested in recruiting a lateral lawyer, it’s crucial to maximize their arrival to ensure they are successful and well-integrated within the firm. Here are 11 effective ways to market your new lateral lawyer:

  1. Spotlight Interview: Conduct a spotlight interview, either as a video, a podcast or a written piece with the new lawyer. Focus on their expertise, past experiences and their role within the firm to give clients and colleagues a thorough introduction to the new addition. This interview should be leveraged on your web site and social media channels.
  2. Webinars and Workshops: Organize a series of webinars and workshops led by the new lawyer on topics relevant to their specialization. This not only showcases their knowledge but also provides tangible value to attendees, helping to establish their credibility and the firm’s commitment to client education.
  3. Welcome Event: Host a welcome event, which can be either in-person or virtual, to facilitate interactions between the new lawyer, current clients and other team members. This personal approach helps in building rapport and comfort with existing and potential clients.
  4. Content Creation: Collaborate with the new lawyer to produce a range of content such as articles, podcasts, videos, opinion pieces and blog posts. This content should aim to demonstrate their knowledge and perspectives on relevant legal issues.
  5. Social Media Campaign: Implement a social media campaign to introduce the new lawyer to your network. This can include posts that share their background, interesting facts, client case studies and notable cases they have handled.
  6. Email Announcements: Craft and send a detailed email to your client list and email subscribers introducing them to the new lawyer. Highlight their professional achievements and the unique skills they bring to the firm.
  7. Engage Local Media: Work with local media outlets to publish press releases or feature articles about the new lawyer. This can increase visibility in the local community and legal industry.
  8. Personal Introductions to Clients, Referrals and Prospects: As part of the onboarding process, have existing lawyers in the firm make personal introductions of the new lateral to clients, referral sources and prospective clients. This proactive approach not only helps to build a robust network for the new lawyer but also demonstrates the firm’s commitment to comprehensive support and integration. It benefits all parties by fostering new connections and potential business opportunities.
  9. Video Introduction: Create a professional video featuring the new lawyer discussing their background, why they became a lawyer, their reasons for joining the firm, what excites them about their new role and what clients can expect from them. Post this on their web site bio, on YouTube and your social media channels.
  10. Raising Visibility: Secure speaking engagements at key industry conferences, arrange for article bylines in leading legal publications and introduce the new lawyer to top reporters in their field. This boosts their profile and reinforces their expertise as a thought leader in the legal community.
  11. Podcast Appearances: Feature the new lawyer in episodes of the firm’s podcast, if you have one, and/or arrange for guest appearances on other notable legal podcasts to broaden their visibility.

Key Takeaways to Effectively Market Your New Lateral Lawyer

  • Maximize Visibility: Utilize both digital and traditional media to introduce the new lawyer to a broad audience.
  • Engage and Educate: Through events and webinars, provide valuable learning opportunities that showcase the lawyer’s expertise.
  • Enhanced Profile: Strategies like media engagements and public speaking boost the new lawyer’s visibility and establish their thought leadership.

By implementing these strategies, law firms can not only celebrate but capitalize on the arrival of a lateral lawyer, setting the stage for future growth and success.