The holiday season is approaching faster than we realize, and with that comes the annual tradition of sending out holiday cards. The way we approach holiday cards today has transformed, offering more creative and efficient methods to reach out and spread the festive cheer through email. The challenge? Making sure your card stands out in the digital deluge. Here’s how.

Holiday cards are still an important touchpoint with your clients and prospects that you should incorporate into your marketing strategy.

I recommend sending out an e-card – it’s easier (as long as you have a targeted mailing list), cheaper and more direct especially with many people now working from home on a full time or hybrid basis. Here’s how to create a creative holiday card.

In a year where so many people have experienced loss and stress, getting the company holiday card right was incredibly important. This was not the year for animated snowflakes or the words happy holidays in different languages or cityscapes from the locations in which the company had offices. It was a year to delight and demonstrate gratitude and thankfulness. If firms could strike the right balance by providing moments of levity in such a serious year, they could consider their card a success.

I came across a few cards that really resonated with me, and I’ll be featuring them on the blog.

First up is an interview with Kristyn Brophy, the Director of Marketing and Business Development at Boston-based Conn Kavanaugh, who shared with me the concept behind her firm’s awesome and clever holiday e-card this year.