If you are the page administrator of a LinkedIn Company page, you may have seen a new option recently pop up on the administrator tool page – the option to “grow your page audience.”

This neat tool enables you to now invite your connections to follow your LinkedIn company page right from the page itself.

LinkedIn now offers three top suggestions for individuals to invite on the top right-hand side of the page and also offers an “Invite more connections” link right below it, which upon clicking, takes the user to a broader list of contacts in their first-degree network who they can invite to like their company page. (Note, it does say at the bottom of this screen that you can only invite a connection once to follow your page.)

With this tool to invite your LinkedIn connections to follow your company page, it’s never been easier to tap into the valuable individual professional networks of your employees, who often are the ones who directly hold the key to reaching clients, prospects and other key target audiences to help enhance the visibility of your company and brand.

Here’s what the grow your page audience tool looks like right on your LinkedIn company page.

This is because oftentimes, those individuals are following your employees on LinkedIn rather than the organization for which they work. This means they’re missing key updates and news posted by the firm, which could help to influence their decisions on the legal services they buy in the future. So this is a great way to encourage them to also follow the firm as well. In addition, this new tool is especially useful for those organizations that want to increase their followers and have noticed that many of their employees have many more connections than the company does. Note: If your company hasn’t conducted an audit of the number of LinkedIn connections of its employees, it should. it’s a great way to identify influencers on LinkedIn and to see where to invest your time and effort.

In talking to a few industry friends, it appears that not everyone has this feature yet on their company page, so as with other changes its has recently implemented, it seems as if LinkedIn is rolling this one out in stages – so stay tuned for it if you haven’t yet gotten it.

In closing, asking your employees to strategically invite their connections to follow your company page can increase awareness for your brand, which can often lead to new business and referrals down the line. Try it and let me know what you think!