Kindness is something I have been writing about a lot lately, and we can do so much to give back to others who really need help in a time of need or crisis. For example: 

Maybe they need a hand with childcare, a shoulder to cry on or extra help at work. 

Also, people get laid off and let go every day, check in on someone in this position and offer to pass along their resume to someone you know who may be hiring. Help to keep their spirits up during this time.

When people are struggling they never forget those who went out of their way to help them. Likewise they never forget those who were not there for them. 

A simple check-in email/call/text is all it takes to make someone’s day and demonstrate that you are thinking of them, just say “How are you doing?” or “I’m thinking of you.” It’s so easy to show you care and there are many benefits of doing it. You will deepen your relationships and become known as someone who truly cares about those around them.

Be a better, kinder person who goes out of their way for others without expecting anything in return and you will feel better and watch your network flourish as an added bonus. Doing good just feels good.