No matter how brilliant, hard working or passionate you are, you will fail at something or majorly screw something up at some point.

I wrote this article because a few friends of mine have recently lost their jobs, and I wanted to share some of the important lessons I learned as a result of a similar situation because I believe that every dark situation has a silver lining. Also, here’s the thing – getting let go can happen to anyone at any time. You think it will never happen to you until it does. It can also be the best thing that ever happened to you, setting you on an entirely new path.

When the failure is work related, and it’s a major one – such as getting fired or let go – sometimes it’s just that it wasn’t a good fit. Other times it’s because of something that you did that led to things not working out. And then there are times when you lose your job due to circumstances that are out of your control, like for example your job was eliminated or your new boss didn’t like you and pushed you out.

Please know that you’re not alone in experiencing speed bumps along your career path and you can fail at times but still have a successful career. Remember – just because it didn’t work out for you in one position doesn’t mean that you are doomed for your entire career!

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