LinkedIn makes enhancements all the time to its platform and my biggest caveat is that they don’t usually tell users when they make updates.

Sometimes they will post an announcement of a new feature to its blog or help section but not always. And new features appear at different times to different users, adding to the confusion (one of my work colleagues had the ability to edit company page posts way before I did for some unknown reason).

This all being said, LinkedIn has added yet another feature that popped up on my feed within the last day. It’s the option to directly message the author of the LinkedIn post from the post itself. They’ve moved around the comment section to accommodate this and they now share the space as you can see from the screenshot.

The cool part of this new feature is that when you message the post’s author, their original post is included in the message making it easy for both of you to know what the message is about. This makes your messages more relevant and efficient. You no longer need to cut and paste the referenced post or article, and you also don’t need to start a new chat.

I think this is a very useful tool, making it easier and more efficient to respond to someone, thank them for mentioning you or for just writing the post. Check it out and let me know what you think.