Here are some tips on how to develop a strong  personal social media content strategy to raise your profile, even in an uncertain time or a down market. Reach out to me if you’d like help with implementing these into your marketing strategy.

  1. Build a strong LinkedIn profile that highlights who you really are and your unique strengths – fill out all of the sections to obtain “All Star Status”
  2. Create a strong LinkedIn headline and profile company image
  3. Set up a LinkedIn company page if you don’t already have one and post content that is helpful and value added on it regularly – share content from your personal profile and company page so you can ensure maximum visibility
  4. Build an editorial/content calendar to help you manage your posts on your personal LinkedIn profile and company page
  5. Share your content at the right time (during commuting hours and lunchtime)
  6. Be a content collector and a creator
  7. Use hashtags to help your content be discovered
  8. Repurpose content multiple times
  9. Maximize every conference and create a takeaways piece (even if the conference is now virtual)
  10.  Include an image with every post
  11. Use a combination of evergreen and timely posts
  12. Use a powerful mix of earned and owned media
  13. Capitalize on holidays and other milestones to fill in content gaps
  14. Pay it forward by promoting the successes of others on social (this is a great way to build strong relationships)
  15. Use a mix of platforms to engage with your target audiences (video, thought leadership, podcasts, etc.)
  16. Use paid social for key articles/posts

Stay safe and reach out with any questions.