‪I love this infographic by Gittings Legal Photography on how to look your best on virtual meetings. I also love the colorful and easy-to-read visual they created to showcase their points. This is something that each of you could easily do yourself using Canva or Adobe Spark.

While what you say is very important when it comes to social media, HOW you say it is equally as important. Providing an eye-catching graphic will bring your content to life and get it noticed. Think bold colors, great content, simple and useful messaging and modern design.

This is an example of hitting the social media jackpot in my opinion. They brought their content to life with a great visual. They also made it timely and useful for their target audience. It has useful information for any business professional. This is exactly how you create client-centric social media posts.

Thank you to Barry Benton and Greg Lorfing for this useful and visually appealing resource. ‬