Here are 12 quick tips on how to use social media to build your business and brand for any size company or individuals looking to enhance their profile.

  1. Outline your goals – decide which practices, initiatives and professionals you want to promote so you can build your strategy around them.
  2. Know what your audience wants and which social platforms they use. You should choose your social channels wisely.
  3. Share content that is helpful and useful for your target audience and written in their language
  4. Offer solutions and insights to your clients’ pain points with everything substantive you post
  5. Don’t wait to post content - good is often good enough
  6. Use visuals and hashtags to bring your posts to life
  7. Experiment with new media such as videos and podcasts to engage with your connections
  8. Generate leads with a clear call to action on your posts
  9. Encourage employees to share company content to their social networks
  10. Interact with your connections on LinkedIn daily by liking, commenting and sharing content
  11. Use news sources to inspire content ideas – this is called curating content. You can share news stories from media outlets such as Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the Harvard Business Review – just make sure to read the full article to ensure you agree with the points in it.
  12. Actively build your network - don’t just accept connections - initiate them too. Every business professional should have more than 500 connections on LinkedIn.